Fishy Mint: the stinky herbal remedy

Have you heard of fishy mint? I’d never heard of it before today but my wonderful acupuncturist Kim suggested I try it for my sinuses. She’s super sweet and the most amazing healer!

She gave me several cuttings she just happened to have on hand. She’s also a gardener and practically runs her neighborhood garden 😂

I’m going to have to ask her to tell me the Chinese name. I’ve heard it go by Bishop’s Weed, Chinese Lizard Tail, Fish Wort, Fish Leaf, Rainbow Plant, and Chameleon Plant but found very little information under any of those names.

I boiled down the leaves until the water started turning green as she instructed. It still tastes a little fishy. I will boil it longer next time. She told me once boiled it has no flavor and no smell but, it was a little bit fishy mainly Minty but a slightly fishy mint 🤣

I noticed my sinuses clear immediately! 🤯

It’s an excellent Herb to have on hand. The benefits didn’t last long, so it is suggested to sip the tea throughout the day.

If I were fighting an illness, I’d boil a good batch up and add it to a yummy Licorice root tea. The sweetness of the Licorice should overpower any negative flavor of the fishy mint. Yet, give an awesome boost of goodness to your respiratory system.

She says it’s excellent for the upper respiratory. I for sure noticed a difference in my sinus pressure. And online it says it’s great for all kinds of ailments I’ll have to ask her for more suggestions.

It is a very invasive plant so treat it very much like you would any mint.  It should likely be planted in a pot or box to keep it from spreading too far.

It’s very pretty and has a great white flower. It grows best in the shade. And is excellent for medicinal purposes. It’s said to treat digestive issues, cough, fever, influenza, insect bites, kidney infections, and an array of ailments.

It is often used in oriental cooking both Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. Tt goes well and meat broths as well as a distinct ingredient of Vietnamese Spring rolls.

I would encourage you to give it a try and add it to your medicinal Herb garden.